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We publish a new series called ‘Moments’. In this series it's about moments we captured on the road with photos, that gets re-created now with a painting and the story behind.

San Nicola l’Arena


This painting reflects a situation last year in Sicily in Italy. It was some when in December, the day started with a clear blue sky and sunshine laying over the mountains. We went to the harbor of San Nicola l’Arena to visit our new friend Munro, an English grown old, but young remained gentleman, who we met the night before in one of the five bars of this village. He lives on his boat in the port of San Nicola l’Arena, which is 30 kilometers near to Palermo, the biggest city in Sicily. When you are here, you don’t feel close to a big city, the time seems to move different in this village, the people are welcoming and the atmosphere is like a summer, that never ended.

Munro showed us around his boat, introduced us to his dog ‘Safran’, who is the co-captain of the 13-meter-long ship and offered some of his 5 kilo package of clementines, oranges and lemons, which he received by one of his neighbors the other day. He is really a cool, laid-back English man, who seems to take the right decision to use his pension for living on a boat in this timeless village.

Here, in this place, everyone seems to be a neighbor and the people care about each other. In the bar, where we went the night before, we almost met everyone, who we saw the next days around this village.

Another man, who became a friend, is Valerio. He looks like an actor and has an intellectual vibration around him. The two nights, we stayed in San Nicola l’arena, we stayed at his place. Valerio works in the prison and creates theater activities together with the inmates. He is a writer, who published some books and when you come to his home, you really see that writing is his passion. Beside a pretty empty fridge, because this man just eats one time a day, you find a laptop on the kitchen table, always open and ready to get used for the moment, when the creativity strikes in.

One morning we accidentally left the key for the door inside his house and while figuring out how to get in again, we met Veronica, who was living near and tried to help us with the Sicilian way of opening doors. Without success, we ended up in her kitchen, drinking a good coffee and sharing some stories.

When we came to the port to visit Munro, we had one unspoken wish and while eating some juicy clementines on his boat, the dream became true and Munro invited us for taking a little drive out to the sea. He prepared the boat together with Safran and half an hour later we were already laying on the deck with fresh cold beers, surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and a view, that deserves more than just being captured as a photo…and this is the painting of it by Isabel and the story behind by Jannik!

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