About Us

Welcome to our site!

Our names are Jannik Olmo Jürgens and Isabel Rosati, we are the owner and creator of Tomorrow's People. 

It all started in Piacenza, a little city in Italy. It was about to get winter, after we spent the summer and autumn to cycle around the north of Europe and slowly went out of money. Now it happened in this pleasant town, the pockets were empty! We needed to get creative to continue travelling or better said to continue eating. Over street music and other experiments we found our success with paintings and photos. 

Through the high interest of people on our street shop and the travel, we needed to find a name for the project. We reflected on what we were doing and summarized it to a self-decided, freedom-orientated, creative and sustainable living. We thought that this is how the people in the future would design their lives and make their dreams become reality, so here we are as an example of them - Tomorrow's People. 


Our Logo presents a bicycle moving up the spiral of life. The color variation in our paintings reflects lives variation. 

We see life as a spiral, a path that continuously moves upwards. The bicycle is our vehicle to manage the lows and highs with more ease. Of course, it is hard to cycle up a mountain with the bicycle, but did you ever roll one down?

Since then, we financed our project like this, we sell paintings and photo prints when we find a good place to open our street shop. Now we expand our shop online to spread the message and slowly add more art, photos and clothes designed by us.

What is our mission?

Beside sharing our passion for nature's uniqueness and offering our view of it in form of photos and paintings, we have a bigger mission behind our project. We want to show people that you can travel and live sustainable with very few, without losing life quality. Yes, you can even improve your life quality through this lifestyle. 

With over 5 years experience and more than 22000 kilometers of bicycle touring through 20 countries, we can proudly call ourselves experts in this field. In the future we will offer services to help people to organize their own bicycle travels, we will guide bicycle travels, organize group travels and share general information about touring with the bicycle in different countries. 

We decided to create a Community with like-minded people, who we met through our journey. So far, we are a collective of 6 people based in different countries, who are working on projects like rescuing animals, bringing school materials and uniforms to children in need and spreading consciousness about sustainable travelling.

If you want to know more, feel free to contact us, read the blog or go back to our shop!



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